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Guerrilla Training Tri - Bethesda (Mon 6/15)!!
CREATED: 06/12/09 by nmr2002 REPLIES: 2
nmr2002    JOINED: 3/3/09    POSTS: 23
Guerrilla Training Tri - Bethesda (Mon 6/15)!!
POSTED: 6/12/09 10:23 AM

For all of those NTP people or anyone who may be gearing up for ITU in a week, a few people were going to do a sprint-length tri workout starting at the Bethesda Pool on Monday afternoon. It will be chill, easy, untimed, and mostly unorganized. I'm thinking around 6:30pm, which will let us finish just before dark.

The "course" would be:
-750m in the 50m Bethesda Pool (entry costs about $6)
-Jump on your bike (there's a rack out front) and take the adjacent Capitol Crescent trail to the Georgetown boathouse and back (~12.5m)
-then a slightly-longer-than-5k run back down the Capitol Crescent to the Dalecarlia tunnel and back (4.4mi) unless I can figure out where the 5k turnaround would be.

The Bethesda Pool is easy to get to on the Little Falls Pkwy between River Road and Bradley Blvd, about a mile from the center of Bethesda. They have ample parking. Monday is the first day they're open late (til 8pm).

The more the merrier. If you're interested, post! Drinks afterwards, somewhere in Bethesda, might be in order as well.

suzkinsky's ravatar suzkinsky    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 121
RE: Guerrilla Training Tri - Bethesda (Mon 6/15)!!
POSTED: 6/12/09 4:41 PM

Hey guys, I hate to rain on the parade but: I would caution against doing a full length sprint tri workout less than a week before a race, even at a relaxed, easy pace. I know that going through the routine might have a ton of mental benefits but you're going to trash yourself physically. You will not have time to recover by Dextro. If you aren't physically prepared by now, you're not going to get there in a week's time. Conversely, if you are physically ready for the race you'll destroy any important recovery benefits by doing this massive workout six days from race day, and you'll set yourself up for a sub-par performance on the 21st. The hidden, fourth sport in triathlons is REST and you have to learn how to use it wisely and to your advantage.

My suggestion, and maybe others can chime in: If you really want the practice of transitioning from one sport to another, cut the proposed distances to one-third to one-quarter of what you currently have planned. Do something like a 200-250 yd swim, a 5-mile bike, and a 1 mile run. That'll still give you a decent workout and allow you to mentally psych yourself up, but will be easy enough to allow your body time to recover and rest in time for the race.

- Suzanne

mccannjl's ravatar mccannjl    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 216
RE: Guerrilla Training Tri - Bethesda (Mon 6/15)!!
POSTED: 6/12/09 5:51 PM

hmmm, very wise words. heeded!

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