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CREATED: 05/26/10 by shireen REPLIES: 2
shireen    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 15
POSTED: 5/26/10 11:46 AM

Is anyone else looking for lodging that is signed up for Timberman? Two of us are looking to rent a house for the weekend of August 22nd. Any takers?

jayowen    JOINED: 5/26/10    POSTS: 1
RE: Timberman
POSTED: 5/26/10 12:35 PM

We may have a couple of extra spots in a house about 15 minutes away. If you don't mind sharing with strangers and a dog, I can check and see if they are available still.



kbackus    JOINED: 11/14/09    POSTS: 2
RE: Timberman
POSTED: 5/26/10 3:57 PM

Doing timberman and looking for lodging as well. Would love to tag along with a house rental


backusk @

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