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July update from the Board
CREATED: 08/06/12 by rtroll REPLIES: 4
rtroll's ravatar rtroll    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 510
July update from the Board
POSTED: 8/06/12 6:42 AM

Hello DC Tri,

Due to scheduling conflicts, the Board of Directors canceled its 7th meeting of the year previously scheduled for 7/9/2012.

The next meeting is scheduled for 8/13/12.

In this month's update, the Board would like to provide a list of notable club accomplishments and milestones for the second quarter-ish (April to July) of 2012. Please feel free to add to this list if we are missing anything major.


The club ended the second quarter of 2012 with 1,310 active members, up from 1,117 over the same period in 2011.

The club welcomed 203 new members between April and July.

408 members (of 590) set to expire renewed their accounts, representing a 70% retention rate. 43 members (of 191) set to expire were first time renewers, representing a 23% first time renewal rate.

The spike in renewals was mainly due to an aggressive renewal campaign that the Board executed, targeting over 4,000 recent and past expired members to invite them back to club!

After much deliberation, the Board restructured its membership dues to both simplify operations and align our membership fees with the growing benefits and value of the club.

The Board also made the decision to issue an RFP to find a new membership kit vendor and as a result secured a local vendor (NovaRetail). For the first time, the club will no longer (manually) handle kit orders; we effectively outsourced the handling of our kit process to a very well qualified vendor. What this means for members: quicker delivery times (3-5 days from joining/renewing), better customer service, and higher quality membership shwag. In the coming weeks, the Board will migrate our online shop to this same vendor and you will once again be able to order club branded merchandise online!

Club Finances

Compared to last year, we are $10,000 ahead on dues revenue this year thanks to LOTS of you renewing before we raised dues in July. However, we are also $20,000 ahead on expenses because we had to make a big expenditure to stock the inventory of gear with the new folks who are mailing you your membership kits. We expect this to swing the other way soon (faster, if more of you renew!) and most importantly to you, you will get your new membership goodies faster!

While we did raise dues, they are still a fraction of the cost to join other clubs and now you will not have to pay extra if you want a tech-tee.

Revenue from all training programs (NTP, IMTP, HIP, etc.) is a little lower than we would like it to be, in part because of a lot of confusion around the cancellation of the DC Triathlon and 70.3 National Harbor, which were goal races. The club relies on participation and the revenue from these programs to support other activities and support for club members.

Despite lower training program revenue and high cash outlays for the membership gear inventory, DC Tri Club is running a decent $14k surplus right now. That means we are in a decent position, financially, but need to be smart through the rest of the season/calendar year about where and how we provide benefits to you as members. Do not be afraid to share your opinion with us if there was something that you are really thankful for or want us to do differently.

Coming up: big capital expenses for a major overhaul of the DC Tri website.

Action for you: renew your membership (it will automatically add 365 days to your expiration date) and sign up for training programs!


NTP 2012 class 1 wrapped up its 8th season and graduated another group of dedicated triathletes into the sport! Graduates of class 1 got to experience 24 clinics, 16 group workouts and 9 social events! A big thanks to the volunteer program managers Bryan Frank, Pamela Simmonds, Travis Siehndel, Will Grant, Casey Creech, Jason Brezinski and Rachel Magnus for dedicating hours of their free time to the program and helping us usher in the next wave of athletes to the sport and the club.

The inaugural NTP 2012 class 2 is underway and has welcomed 95 new triathletes into the program. The program has offered 19 clinics, 11 group workouts and 6 social events between April and August with many more planned leading up to the Nation's Triathlon.

The iron-distance programs (HIP and IMP) ended the quarter with 61 total participants (44 in HIP and 17 in IMP). The programs have offered 10 clinics including Open Water Swim, bike handling, race planning, and countless hours of advice and coaching for the aspiring iron-athletes! A big thanks to the volunteer program managers Brady Nelson, Bill Goodrich, Ed Moser, Travis Siehndel, Matt Ferguson, Courtney Fulton, and head coach AJ Morrison who are dedicating hours and setting the bar high for our members who are "going long" this season.

The Masters program continues to soar as our fastest growing and most talked about program. The program added a Friday-only option and expanded its total available spots to 50 (up from 30 during the winter quarter). The program also added additional volunteer program managers and WaveOne coaches to accommodate the demand. Thanks to Catherine Myung, Julianne Miata, Amanda Bauer, Holli Finneren, Katherine Tobin, and swim coaches from WaveOne who continue to exceed our members expectations.

Training & Racing

The club announced a Featured Race plan for 2013 and members are already registering for these races including those who took advantage of an exclusive members-only early bird registration discount for the inaugural Rev3 Williamsburg Half, Oly, Aquabike (June 2013). We also had more than 40 members register for our Featured 2013 Ironman, Lake Placid!

The club had a stellar representation at the ITU San Diego triathlon going up against clubs from all over the world in the Club World Challenge. With 45 members racing strong, we proudly claimed our first Club World Champion title in San Diego.

Brick-Nic's continue to be a popular training and social outing for members. We had a great turnout for the Columbia and General Smallwood Brick-Nic's and we have more coming up soon with Nation's Bric-Nic. These are events you do not want to miss!

The annual Deep Creek Lake camping and training weekend was yet another huge success, drawing over 85 members to most talked about training event of the year!

And last but not least…we are 7x Mid-Atlantic champions! More than 150 members came out to race General Smallwood, helping us claim this coveted title for yet another year!

Partnerships & Outreach

During Q2 the club renewed its partnership with Rudy Project, securing a 40% discount for our members for the next 3 years. The club also upgraded a previous partnership with Xterra to include a full suite of wetsuits for the club to loan to members (be on the lookout for this program to launch soon). And finally, during Q2, we established a new partnership with Competitor Group, Inc (CGI), the new owner of the Nation's Triathlon and owner of the Rock 'n' Roll race series, including Rock 'n' Roll USA (formerly SunTrust National marathon/half). Be on the lookout for some exciting perks and incentives from this partnership!

Communications, Marketing & Expos

The club delivered 17 weekly enewsletters, 2 special announcements, 33 NTP enewsletters, 12 HIP/IM enewsletters, and 12 masters program newsletters providing members with up-to-date information on club events, activities, and news.

The club's Facebook presence is still on the rise with over 1350 fans.

The club's website saw record traffic in Q2, generating 350,000-plus page views from over 20,000 unique visitors…wow people are reading our website!


During Q2 the club launched a bi-monthly Membership Meeting & Shopping Night series aimed to raise awareness of the club's benefits and provide members with a channel to voice their ideas and critiques to the Board.

Members enjoyed 12 happy hour & social events between April and July which included a number of highly sought after events including a special appearance from Chrissie Wellington, a "so you want to be an Ironman" seminar, and an exclusive K-Swiss event hosted by our partner, Potomac River Running.


The board sought countless feedback from members and has developed a long term roadmap to modernize the club's website. In the coming week's the details of this roadmap will be available to view on the club's website. The first major phase of this work will include overhauling the membership process for joining and renewing, automating many aspects of the membership communications and reporting and vastly improving the site's navigation components such as logging in, viewing membership status and paying for membership. Stay tuned for a more comprehensive update.

As always, we will continue to use this Forum as a means to provide updates on the work we do, the accomplishments our club is making and provide you with an opportunity to voice your ideas, concerns, etc with the direction we are taking the club.

Thank you and happy training & racing!

President, DC Tri Club

mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2218
RE: July update from the Board
POSTED: 8/07/12 11:16 AM

Whoa, there's a lot of stuff going on. Thanks for the word.

Seems like smart move to contract out on the kits, though maybe it goes against the all-volunteer ethic, it should considerably speed up a traditionally slow process.

Is it true that, to also improve organization, Pepco is taking over the Hot Chocolate 10K?..:)

Nice to sponsor with Nation's organizer CGI.

Any word on a new location and dates for the training tris?

CoachAJ    JOINED: 1/2/12    POSTS: 736
RE: July update from the Board
POSTED: 8/07/12 8:58 PM

Thank you, Ryan, for such a detailed overview of the club workings. It has great leadership leading the charge!


karlaj's ravatar karlaj    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 215
RE: July update from the Board
POSTED: 8/14/12 11:47 AM

Bumping because I'd like to get an update on the training tris as well...

Obviously, these are monumental tasks to organize. And potential locations are hard to find, much less get their blessings to host. Seems that this year there's no chance for something to come together, but I'm curious what the plan going forward will be.

Also, I appreciate the board updates. Keep 'em coming!

afava's ravatar afava    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 258
RE: July update from the Board
POSTED: 8/15/12 3:05 PM

Training Tri Update:

As you know by now, we were not able to get the permits from DCPR to hold our July and August Training Tris at Hains Point. We’ve been working to identify an alternative venue for our remaining races. The Board has made progress in our discussions with a number of potential locations but unfortunately, we were not able to secure dates/permits for this year. We are continuing these discussions with a focus on securing a great location for our 2013 Training Tris. A big thanks to our members and friends who have been part of this effort!

In the meantime, we’re working with Hugh, Club Race Director, to nail down dates for Fall training races. We’ll need to identify another Race Director(s) to run some of these. Please let us know asap if you’re able to do this. We’re planning on the Time Trials and also considering adding a Duathlon to the Fall calendar. A few other fun ideas have been suggested. Stay tuned!


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