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XTERRA Big Bear Off-Road Triathlon / Duathlon
CREATED: 08/16/11 by markhakd REPLIES:
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XTERRA Big Bear Off-Road Triathlon / Duathlon
POSTED: 8/16/11 10:11 PM

Posted on behalf of the race director of XTERRA Big Bear:


Dear D.C. Tri Club,

I am the race director for the XTERRA Big Bear Off-Road Triathlon / Duathlon. Currently we are still trying to get word out about this new race and wanted to kindly ask if you would please mention the opportunity to your club members. Full details on the event including registration information can be found at the following web address.

This will be a USAT Sanctioned event and part of the XTERRA America Tour earning points towards the XTERRA 2012 race season. The triathlon will consist of a .75-mile open water swim, 14.8-mile mountain bike, and 6.5-mile trail run. The duathlon will sub an opening 2-mile trail run for the swim. Big Bear Lake Camplands is located in Hazelton, WV off I-68 which is only around 3-hours from D.C. Known for its epic single track trail system, this recreation area has hosted renowned races such as the 24-Hours of Big Bear mountain bike race, 12-Hours of Big Bear trail run, the Big Bear Ultra, and now is host to the exciting new XTERRA Big Bear.

I hope that the D.C. Tri Club will be represented at this challenging event and thank you in advance for helping to spread the word!

Best wishes,

Nathan Kile, Race Director
Program Coordinator in Adventure Sports
WVU- College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
PO Box 6116
Morgantown, WV 26506
(304) 293-0851

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