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Help Wanted: T2 is looking for Site Assistants!
CREATED: 05/09/11 by teen REPLIES:
teen's ravatar teen    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 4
Help Wanted: T2 is looking for Site Assistants!
POSTED: 5/09/11 2:27 PM


TEAM TO END AIDS (T2) endurance training program is looking for qualified candidates in the Washington Metro Area to serve as T2 Site Assistants for the 2011 training season (May through December). Site Assistants provide the T2 Coach with administrative and organizational assistance for each weekend training session (Saturday or Sunday). This assistance includes, but is not limited to, marking the running course, transporting water, volunteer assignment/management, checking on runners on the course, and reporting to staff. Former participants in the AIDS Marathon Training Program (the former program) are preferred but not required.

Site Assistants are asked to work every other weekend except for longer runs where both site assistants at a site will be needed. Pay ranges from $40 for shorter runs up to $75 for longer runs. Site Assistants are required to have use of a car while working on assigned days.

Interested applicants for Site Assistant should send an email of interest with a brief description of qualifications to

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