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ironman training programs
CREATED: 05/26/10 by shireen REPLIES: 5
shireen    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 15
ironman training programs
POSTED: 5/26/10 6:10 PM

I just signed up for my first ironman! EEkk! It's in Cozumel so it was an easy choice! Does anyone have a program that they used and liked that they could send me to help me create my training schedule?


wombat's ravatar wombat    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 269
RE: ironman training programs
POSTED: 5/26/10 6:24 PM

You're in luck! The tri club just announced it's first ever IM training program. The program begins in a few weeks and is aimed at IMFL, Cozumel and Arizona. If you register for the program you'll receive a training plan, group workouts, and advice from folks who've been there and done that. Go to SHOP, Training Races and Programs, 2010 IM Training Program.


pgfde121's ravatar pgfde121    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 284
RE: ironman training programs
POSTED: 5/26/10 10:34 PM

There's also a few members who did that race last year...maybe they'll chime in here...Tania or Steve?

trithis73's ravatar trithis73    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 525
RE: ironman training programs
POSTED: 5/27/10 5:40 AM

Don't forget about Travis and Marc... they did it also last year.

tgrollman's ravatar tgrollman    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 298
RE: ironman training programs
POSTED: 5/27/10 10:42 AM

I did Cozumel last year! So fun!

I used a training program out of a book, but basically just did what I could when I could. There are a number of books out there that offer pretty good training plans and advice.

The bike course at Cozumel is flat and very very windy! One thing I wish I would have done is trained more on hills, might have made the strong headwinds a little easier to manage.

The swim had a nice current, so I smashed the time I thought it would take me to swim the 2.4. You actually get caught up in the beauty of the water, so you forget what you are doing for a second.

The run is out and back 3 times, so you run past the same place 6 times. The mosquitoes are out in force when dusk hits, so if possible take a mini can of spray to keep on you during the run or at least in your 1/2 way transition bag.

If you want to know anything else about the Cozumel IM or just about the island in general, you can email me at

Congrats on deciding to do your first IM. I can promise you it won't be your last! :-)


gwcrew2000's ravatar gwcrew2000    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 127
RE: ironman training programs
POSTED: 5/27/10 12:31 PM

I did Cozumel last year as well. I thought it was great, but I love flat courses. I agree with Tammy and suggest using the new IM training program as you will have access to a coach and a group of people to train with. Travis and I did a bunch of training together last year and I know that helped me being able to train with someone who had the same goal race.

Considering it last year was the first year they held the race, I thought it was very well run. The island pretty much shuts down for the race and all of the locals come out to cheer you on. Doing three laps on the bike and three on the run can be a little mentally challenging, but if you have family and friends going down it will make it that much better as you will have more opportunities to see each other.

I also suggest staying a few days later to "recover." As far as traveling, fly directly there if possible, it was a pain in the but to drag my bike from Cancun on the bus and then on the ferry. Tri Bike Transport did not go to Coz last year, but if they are I would use that if you must fly into Cancun.

Overall it was a great race and I would do it again. Good luck.

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