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Testing VO2 Max
CREATED: 11/08/09 by ladegaard REPLIES: 1
ladegaard    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 4
Testing VO2 Max
POSTED: 11/08/09 10:41 PM

Can anyone recommend a good place to have a VO2 Max test? I think DC Tri facilitated contacts to a few places last year, but I was not able to find them on the site. So if you know of someone, preferably in the DC or Bethesda are, I'd be happy to know. Thanks.

KMierke    JOINED: 3/11/09    POSTS: 43
RE: Testing VO2 Max
POSTED: 11/08/09 11:38 PM

Fitness Concepts offers VO2 max testing. More information is available at and appointments can be made at

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Write with any questions.


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