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V800 vs Garmin or Suunto
CREATED: 05/19/14 by ArgTri REPLIES: 3
ArgTri's ravatar ArgTri    JOINED: 7/16/13    POSTS: 11
V800 vs Garmin or Suunto
POSTED: 5/19/14 12:48 PM

Hi folks, looking to get my first tri watch and curious what you all think about the V800 vs the garmin / suunto options. Current deals on Garmin / Suunto make those very tempting. Anyone switching to Polar when released? Thanks!

morunner66's ravatar morunner66    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 728
RE: V800 vs Garmin or Suunto
POSTED: 5/19/14 1:42 PM

I hate all things Garmin. Garmin never works as designed - GPS fades in and out so accurate readings are nearly impossible. I've had to send Garmin products back multiple times. Others love Garmin so maybe I am just the bad seed for statistical purposes.

TDPrange's ravatar TDPrange    JOINED: 1/14/13    POSTS: 89
RE: V800 vs Garmin or Suunto
POSTED: 5/19/14 2:20 PM

Can't speak to the V800 or Sunnto since I have never used it. I do use the Garmin 910xt. Personally, I am a big fan of it and have never had any significant issues with it. can give you more details on the particular watches that you are interested in. The thing I like about the 910 is that I can replace pretty much every other training watch with it. It does the open water/pool thing, has pretty much full bike computer functionality, and does about everything that you would want from a running watch. It also enables you to very easily record your whole race in its auto-multisport mode where you can sequence in the events that you are doing while also recording the transitions. All you have to do is hit a single button and it advances to the next segment of your race. Unless the other devices have caught up it is also the only device that has a battery good enough to last through a full ironman distance race time limit.

That all being said it is getting a little long in the tooth when compared to other devices that are hitting the market and you likely will not see a 910 replacement until next Triathlon season at the earliest.

If you want a single device to track all of your training and have the capacity to hang for any length triathlon than I would seriously consider the 910. The new Fenix2 from Garmin also has some good multi-sport capability but I don't know if discounted right now or not.

As a triathlon watch I really like my 910 and would recommend it to anyone especially for the discounted price that they have going on right now.

zdesmond    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 44
RE: V800 vs Garmin or Suunto
POSTED: 5/19/14 5:36 PM

I've used the Garmin with much success in the past. Currently still on the 310XT. It does everything I need so I see no reason to upgrade.

The go to place for comparing the products is DCRainmaker. He reviews pretty much everything and does so way more in depth than any of us will do on this thread. Check it out:

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