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Bike Trainer wanted
CREATED: 05/03/12 by wellnow14 REPLIES: 1
wellnow14's ravatar wellnow14    JOINED: 8/29/11    POSTS: 81
Bike Trainer wanted
POSTED: 5/03/12 9:07 PM

Got a trainer that is not getting much use? Or upgrading to something nicer? I am in the market for a 'starter' trainer - good quality used would be ideal


pserfass's ravatar pserfass    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 450
RE: Bike Trainer wanted
POSTED: 5/04/12 4:55 PM

Hi Dan,
I've been looking to upgrade. You're welcome to come check out the one I have. It still works like new and is a Nashbar fluid resistance one. Like this:

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