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Bike Fit
CREATED: 11/09/09 by tgrollman REPLIES: 7
tgrollman's ravatar tgrollman    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 298
Bike Fit
POSTED: 11/09/09 10:39 AM

Hey everyone.

I went out on a long training ride on Saturday and was so uncomfy my right side was going numb and I could not wait to get off the bike. Today my back, shoulders and neck are still very sore. I think I should break down and pay for a professional fit.

Can you please give me a recommendation to a place that will do a great job and not cost me a whole paycheck?

Thanks everyone.

morunner66's ravatar morunner66    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 728
RE: Bike Fit
POSTED: 11/09/09 11:46 AM

Conte's quoted me $300 this summer for the full service. They have a graduated service so there are packages that are less expensive. Forget what this all entails.

I hear you on the paycheck thing - I am waiting to pay down the Visa bill (lots of race entry 2010 fees on there) before I get a bike fit.

ppgodes's ravatar ppgodes    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 83
RE: Bike Fit
POSTED: 11/09/09 12:26 PM

I had a full fitting done at Conte's as well, and the money was well worth it. I had some annoying knee pain that went away with a proper fit.

Keep in mind though, if they need to switch out a post or two, or put inserts in your shoes, that adds on to the basic price. I also switched out my seat, since the one that came with the bike was a "man's" seat, and did not fit my ischial tubes ("butt bones") at all - if your seat wasn't measured for you, that may be part of the problem as well. I couldn't keep my butt in that saddle longer than 30 miles w/o significant pain.

It was definitely something I had to budget for, but it takes the pain out of riding.

A proper fit really is a must, especially if you're going to be riding often. You'll love your bike even more!


karlaj's ravatar karlaj    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 215
RE: Bike Fit
POSTED: 11/09/09 12:48 PM

I would recommend getting that bike fit vs. another entry fee.

I also used Conte's (bethesda) w/ Seth Rafie back ~ March. Did the 2D fit ($150?). We even did a followup fit about a month later to see how I was settling in - so it's not a one-time setup, but a process. And like Paula said, you may want to budget add'l $ for a new stem, saddle, seatpost, insoles since those are things they're likely to change out.

I had pretty major changes, and in about 1-2 mo the riding pain mostly went away (still making small adjustments). Depends on what you need to fit/fix, but it could take some time to adjust to a new position. Now is probably a good time b/c you have all winter to adapt.

asovonick's ravatar asovonick    JOINED: 6/3/09    POSTS: 213
RE: Bike Fit
POSTED: 11/09/09 1:17 PM

Matt McGoey of All American Bikes in Damascus does a fitting for closer to $200. He's a stud when it comes to bike fitting.

vatriathlete    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 685
RE: Bike Fit
POSTED: 11/09/09 1:55 PM

if you had a bike fit could you please put a review up of what took place, etc. sort of a like a "race report" but for bike fits, i'm curious as to what bike fitters around here do that get the "good reviews".

also remember, bike fit sessions are the beginning of the fitting process, not the end all be all. A good bike fitter will get you in the ball park of where you should be situated but even then you need an adjustment period to see how things should be tweeked. As shown by others here, after they got the bike fit they did some minor adjustments to get the position even better over time.

good luck.

KMierke    JOINED: 3/11/09    POSTS: 43
RE: Bike Fit
POSTED: 11/09/09 2:27 PM

Fitness Concepts offers the region's top bike fitting. More infrmation is available at

Reservations may be made at and DC Tri Club members receive a 20% discount with the promnotion code DCTri.


morunner66's ravatar morunner66    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 728
RE: Bike Fit
POSTED: 11/09/09 2:50 PM

Now I know what Santa is bringing me for Xmas... a bit fit with accessories - yeah!

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