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15th St NW bike lane pollsters are out today
CREATED: 04/07/10 by trisha REPLIES:
trisha's ravatar trisha    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 133
15th St NW bike lane pollsters are out today
POSTED: 4/07/10 5:48 PM

The pollsters are out on 15th St today asking cyclists what they think about the new(ish) bike lanes on 15th St. My pollsters were at 15th and Q (just north of the Whole Foods on P St) and took about 2 minutes to ask if I biked more now with the new lanes, if I felt safer, what kinds of improvements I'd like to see, if I used the lanes for running or other activities, etc.

If you live/bike in the neighborhood consider heading over that way and let them know what you think! Remember that the bike lanes are only here on a trial basis and the city will be making decisions this year (I think) as to their fate. Personally I love the counter-traffic bike lane and hope they keep it for good :)

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