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New lady
CREATED: 09/20/09 by Helga REPLIES: 3
Helga    JOINED: 9/9/09    POSTS: 2
New lady
POSTED: 9/20/09 10:50 PM

Hi, I compete in the 40-45 age range. I finished my first triathlon ever (Olympic distance St. Anthony's) in April '07 and a half-marathon (Potomac River Run) in May '08. I have finally got my life sorted out so that I have more time to devote to triathlons once again but it's so late in the year, I may have to wait until next season.

I also may need a little help navigating my way through this forum.

See you out there,

siehndel's ravatar siehndel    JOINED: 11/25/05    POSTS: 1104
RE: New lady
POSTED: 9/21/09 10:40 PM

Hi Helga,

Welcome back to the world of triathlon!

The season is winding down but we'll still have lots of training events and happy hours to keep you busy in the off season.

Welcome to DC Tri!

Helga    JOINED: 9/9/09    POSTS: 2
Picture, Event Calendar, Subscribe
POSTED: 9/21/09 11:42 PM

Thanks Travis.

1 ) How do I post a picture as other people have done?
2) Is there an event calendar so one can see everything at a glance?
3) Is there a way to subscribe to only a certain set of topics?

Many thanks,

JoeC's ravatar JoeC    JOINED: 7/10/05    POSTS: 215
RE: New lady
POSTED: 9/22/09 10:51 AM


1 and 3 can be done here:

2 The new site is still not complete but the calendar is one of the top items to be completed. Please be patient (yes I sound like a broken record).


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