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Triathlete Looking For a Place to Live 2/25 - 5/12
CREATED: 01/31/11 by ABossler REPLIES:
ABossler    JOINED: 1/31/11    POSTS: 2
Triathlete Looking For a Place to Live 2/25 - 5/12
POSTED: 1/31/11 12:43 AM

My name is Andrew Bossler and I am looking for a place to live from Feb 25th to May 12th. Before I explore housing options in the traditional way, do any of the local triathletes have empty rooms or sublets available? Or, do you know of any availabilities?

I'm coming to Washington D.C. to complete an internship with the State Department during this time. It would be much more pleasant to live with like-minded people.

To start, I am a triathlete and the race coordinator for the University of Wisconsin - Madison Triathlon team. I can also offer my skills as a yoga instructor, triathlon coach, personal trainer, bike mechanic, nutritional coach, golf instructor, writing and resume editor, and cook to sweeten the deal. I am a very organized, clean, social, and an all around great guy.

I recently finished an internship teaching English in Ukraine, which is detailed vividly and humorously on my blog site These writings should help to convey my personality more accurately. There are some race reports as well.

I would highly appreciate if you could provide me with any options. I would like to make a decision on my housing arrangement as soon as possible. If you are interested, I can be contacted at or
My phone number is (262) 707-8306

Thank you in advance for any help you provide.

Looking forward to your reply,

-Andrew Bossler

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