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Swimming Fundamentals Clinic
CREATED: 12/03/12 by SSPT REPLIES: 1
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Swimming Fundamentals Clinic
POSTED: 12/03/12 3:31 PM

Swimming Fundamentals Clinic

Date: Saturday, December 8, 2012
Time: 3:45pm - 5.00pm
Location: The Lab School of Washington, 4759 Reservoir Road, NW, Washington, DC 20007
Fee: $10 pool fee

Description: Learn how to relax in the water, breathe comfortably, and swim the freestyle stroke efficiently—while having fun!

This clinic will address topics that include: buoyancy and body balance, relaxing (in the water), the "feel" of the water, breathing techniques, freestyle stroke essentials, and stroke drills.

Please note that this is NOT a “learn to swim” clinic. All participants need to be able to swim at least 25 yards. The clinic does not cater to adults who have a fear of the water.

Instructor: Sarah Thorpe, President, Sports + Spinal Physical Therapy; Australian National Freestyle Champion; World Swimming Championships; Australian Water Polo Squad.

Event details are also available at:

This class is being hosted by DC Tri Club partner Sports + Spinal Physical Therapy. For more information on SSPT, please visit us at www.ssptdc com or

brucefan    JOINED: 12/6/12    POSTS: 19
RE: Swimming Fundamentals Clinic
POSTED: 12/14/12 6:58 PM

This clinic was excellent. Thanks, Sarah!

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