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Myrtle Beach Question
CREATED: 06/29/11 by zenetanar REPLIES: 1
zenetanar's ravatar zenetanar    JOINED: 5/13/10    POSTS: 35
Myrtle Beach Question
POSTED: 6/29/11 3:05 PM

My husband and I are both going to do Myrtle Beach, and have already booked our hotel, but since I just had a baby on June 5 I haven't decided what distance I'm going to do yet -- hoping for International but I don't want to register until I know my recovery is going well. Does anyone know if this sells out, and if so, how early?

Tobes's ravatar Tobes    JOINED: 7/20/10    POSTS: 34
RE: Myrtle Beach Question
POSTED: 6/30/11 9:44 AM

Last year I registered very late; maybe 2 weeks before the race? Its tough to say when it will sell out. If you're concerned, perhaps you could contact the RD and let him know the situation...and ask whether you could change races (if necessary) closer to race day.

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