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VO2max Testing at Multisport Expo
CREATED: 03/22/11 by sdolge REPLIES:
sdolge's ravatar sdolge    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 10
VO2max Testing at Multisport Expo
POSTED: 3/22/11 7:53 AM

CycleLife USA is offering discounted pricing on VO2max/LT threshold testing at the Multisport World Expo on March 27. Using our CosMed Quark CPET analyzer, we perform a graded intensity test that will identify your VO2 Max and lactate threshold – used synonymously, in this instance, with anaerobic threshold. VO2 Max is a measure of one's aerobic capacity, or the volume of oxygen consumed at maximal effort. Having a high VO2 Max is not a determinant of performance, but more of one's potential. Lactate threshold is basically one's “red line”.

Retail for this test is $190. Expo price is $100. Book your appointment before the day of the expo and the price is only $75!

Click here to book your appointment!

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