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Do You Have One More Race In You for Make-A-Wish?
CREATED: 08/18/11 by sleenaerts REPLIES: 2
sleenaerts's ravatar sleenaerts    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 29
Do You Have One More Race In You for Make-A-Wish?
POSTED: 8/18/11 1:38 PM

Fellow DC Tri Club Members--

We endurance junkies tend to race for ourselves. And at the end of it, we usually get a medal. However, as we enter the latter part of the season, I'm going to ask if you have one more race in you--one in which you can do more than get a medal. Instead, you can do something for someone else.

My wife Robyn, who is the Director of Medical Relations for the Mid-Atlantic Make-A-Wish Foundation, says it better than I ever could. So I'm reprinting her letter here. If you have one more race in you, I ask you to consider signing up for the Make-A-Wish Triathlon or be a charity runner in the Marine Corps Marathon. And I'm putting my running shoes where my mouth is. I've signed up to be a charity runner for Make-A-Wish at the Marine Corps Marathon on Oct. 30th--one week after I finish The Great Floridian iron-distance triathlon. I have one more in me. I'm pretty sure a lot of you do, too.

Here's my wife's letter:

To all of Sean’s friends, training partners and athletes….

Hope this finds everyone healthy and happy and having a great race season so far. As a tri-wife I know that most of you have already planned or finished your races for the year, but I’m reaching out to see if you don’t have just one more in you, especially if it’s for a really special cause.

For those of you I don’t personally know, for the last few years I’ve had the privilege of working for a great organization, the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of the Mid-Atlantic, and this is my one shameless plug to share a couple of great events we have coming up and to ask for your support.

In my particulair position at the foundation I get the honor of speaking with around 600 familes a year as they begin their wish referral. I work with their physicians to determine their eligibility and for the majority of them, around 550 a year, I get to officially welcome them into our “wish family” and tell them to start dreaming of what their one true wish is. Our mission is to bring these kids- all diagnosed with a life-threatening illness- a little hope, strength and joy during the most difficult time in their lives. I’ve heard first hand from so many of their oncologists, cardiologists and other physicians that the work we do with these kids makes a tangible emotional difference in their healing, and have had the honor of experiencing that for myself on countless hospital visits.

We’re currently on track to grant 405 wishes this year, hopefully breaking last year’s record of 402. We remain proud of those numbers, but they still fall short of granting every eligible child their wish in a timely and meaningful way. To help bridge that gap we rely on grants and corporate sponsorships, but the majority of our funding comes from community support. One great, fun and easy way we ask the community to support our cause is through participating in events, and that’s what I’m asking you to consider. There’s such a nice syngergy in the thought of asking the most able-bodied and healthy people I know to support kids who are at their most physical and emotional weakest.

If you’re up for supporting us and are at all interested in learning more, please follow the links below or write to me and I’ll get you the information you need. If it’s too late to participate in this year’s events, please think of us for next year. I sincerely appreciate your time and your consideration.

To borrow Sean’s favorite phrase, “Go Long, Stay Strong”.

Best Wishes,


Saturday, September 24,2011 will be our 28th annual Make-A-Wish Triathlon at Sea Colony. It’s an Olympic distance race hosted in Bethany Beach, DE. You can race as an individual, relay, or the AquaVelo. Registration is $150. This event will again be the Delaware Qualifier for the Best Of The U.S. competition series.

Sunday, October 30, 2011 could be the day you run as a charity runner for us in the Marine Corp Marathon. We still have spots open on our team and are looking for some great athletes to fill them before the deadline.

Robyn Leenaerts

Director of Medical Relations

wmichaeljones's ravatar wmichaeljones    JOINED: 1/12/11    POSTS: 17
RE: Do You Have One More Race In You for Make-A-Wish?
POSTED: 8/18/11 1:44 PM

I did this race last year (my first triathlon, in fact!) and really enjoyed it. It really does add something to a race experience to know you're supporting such a worthwhile cause.

This year, I'm a charity runner for Make-a-Wish in the MCM, and as you can see there are still slots available, so sign up!

alussier    JOINED: 3/15/11    POSTS: 6
RE: Do You Have One More Race In You for Make-A-Wish?
POSTED: 8/18/11 4:25 PM

I'm signed up for the Tri and I can't wait!

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