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USAT High School & Middle School Skills Camp
CREATED: 07/10/13 by Luke REPLIES:
Luke's ravatar Luke    JOINED: 11/28/10    POSTS: 423
USAT High School & Middle School Skills Camp
POSTED: 7/10/13 11:48 AM

Attention Parents with Teenagers (or Teenagers, if we have any following this Forum):

USA Triathlon is hosting a skills camp for juniors (age 12-17) at McDaniel College in Westminster MD (about 90 mins from DC) Wed July 24-Fri July 26. This is one of just 7 designated camps nationwide this year... a great opportunity for middle schoolers & high schoolers to learn triathlon skills, and a particularly great opportunity for anyone competing in club swimming or high school cross country & track to get introduced to competitive triathlon at a young age. It looks like a really strong group of instructors too, including one of my UNC Triathlon teammates, Mollie Brewer! If you're interested, register ASAP... they're going to cap the event at 25 participants.

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