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Orlando 70.3
CREATED: 04/08/10 by adilks REPLIES:
adilks    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 290
Orlando 70.3
POSTED: 4/08/10 3:34 PM

A friend of mine is doing Orlando 70.3 in May and signed up with TriSport Express to ship her bike. There is a group discount so if you're interested in using this company, contact Es (see contact info below).

The cost is $249 round trip - with 3 or more bike each person gets a 10% discount and if there is a married couple the 2nd bike is 50% off. They will pick up the bike ~4-days before the race (~12 May).

PROS/CONS (when compared to TriBike Transport)
$50 cheaper
Pick-up/Drop-off at your house (if we get a group, it has to be one house)
No disassembly required
Free transport of a gear bag up to 25 lbs

They are not RIGHT there at transition at the race. They will be within a quick walk - but just outside of the sponsored area.

For details, please check out their website:

If you are interested in getting a group together, please contact Esther Letsche at estherletsche at

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