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CREATED: 10/07/11 by rojojade REPLIES: 1
rojojade's ravatar rojojade    JOINED: 1/19/11    POSTS: 458
POSTED: 10/07/11 3:58 PM
Attachment: Q4 - 2011 Welcome.pdf

Welcome to the first quarter of DC Triathlon and Wave One Masters Swimming Program.

A quick introduction to the co-leaders, Jule Miata and Catharine Myung, and the coach, Denis Crean.

Julianne Miata has a strong swimming background, swimming year round since the ripe ole age of 8! She swam competitively in high school and then in college for Washington & Lee University. She brings experience to the table developing swim workouts and providing stroke critique, having once been an assistant coach and a private lessons instructor for summer swim programs.

Catharine Myung has been engaged with our other club programs including NTP and ODTP as a participant and is now eager to give back to the club. Catharine brings a strong background in event planning and program management.

Denis Crean who is the president and brain child behind WaveOne Swimming. Denis is an avid open water swimmer and competitor, with a very notable race record. Denis' approach to coaching has led him to be one of the top coaches of choice for DC's open water swimmers and triathletes.

We had a great first practice on Wednesday. The group was divided up into 2 groups – those that have comfortable with lap swimming and those that wanted more experience with it. The faster group was immediately set off to do a tough set of 400’s and 6-50’s that went progressive faster with co-leader Jule watching the clock and giving out pointers as needed. The other group was given drills to work on their form in 25 meter chunks before they were set off to do 100’s by Coach Denis. By the end of the hour, everyone felt like they had a good workout.

We are primarily going to be communicating through the DC Tri Club fourm boards and as members of the program, you should automatically subscribed to all theards posted on the Master's section of the forum boards. To respond, just log on to the website and post your response. But if you are somewhere you cannot post on the forums, you can always email us at

Hope that everyone will be able to make it too the pool tonight! Jule and Catharine won't be there tonight, but mastermind behind the program, Ryan, will be there!

And just a reminder, there is no pratice on Monday! The pool is closed.

Attached to message is an info sheet that was passed out that goes over the program for this quater.

rojojade's ravatar rojojade    JOINED: 1/19/11    POSTS: 458
RE: Welcome
POSTED: 10/12/11 12:08 PM
Attachment: Q4 - 2011 Welcome.pdf

Just a test post.

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