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Tent site for Kinetic
CREATED: 05/11/11 by MCAvery REPLIES: 1
MCAvery's ravatar MCAvery    JOINED: 4/27/11    POSTS: 7
Tent site for Kinetic
POSTED: 5/11/11 2:07 PM

Hey all,
I was wondering if anyone had a site reservation for this weekend that wouldn't mind sharing some space? I am racing saturday and plan on staying friday and possibly saturday, but will happily split the cost for both nights even if I only stay Friday. It is just me. Feel free to post or email me at


jameswilson's ravatar jameswilson    JOINED: 4/11/10    POSTS: 92
RE: Tent site for Kinetic
POSTED: 5/11/11 11:04 PM

Hey Matt! I have a camp site in the park with only two tents so far. Its just for Friday night, but I'm sure you could find someone else to camp with Saturday if you want to stay both nights. Shoot me a message here on the website if you want to join us!

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