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SOME Turkey Trot 5K Roll-Call!
CREATED: 11/18/12 by Luke REPLIES: 3
Luke's ravatar Luke    JOINED: 11/28/10    POSTS: 423
SOME Turkey Trot 5K Roll-Call!
POSTED: 11/18/12 8:10 PM

Who's coming to the SOME Trot For Hunger 5K on Thursday? (that's Thanksgiving Day for those of you who haven't been following the calendar!) Like most of you, the annual turkey trot will be my A race for the season. I've been following a rigorous training program of running 15-20 miles a week to get myself in top shape for this brutal test of endurance and sheer will power. Trevor Albert recently introduced me to this great performance enhancer called chocolate milk that has taken my racing to a whole new level. I've got my transition bag packed (with just a single packet of GU), and my training shoes ready to go. It would be great to see some DC Triclub support out there on race day!

In all seriousness tho, it would be great to see a bunch of y'all at the SOME Turkey Trot! We are all so fortunate for what we have (health, family, friends, jobs, and in my case the chance to be able to race again!) and this is a great opportunity to help out those less fortunate than us.

The race is downtown again this year (not at Hains Point as in years past), and it starts and ends at Pennsylvania & 12th St. I believe the course is the same as last year, but run backwards (the route is the reverse... you don't actually need to run backwards!) If you haven't signed up yet, registration is still open. It's $35 for the timed race and $30 for the untimed run. Registration gets you a t-shirt, food/water, and a much needed chance to workout before the big meal. Register now, and support a great cause!


Andre's ravatar Andre    JOINED: 4/8/11    POSTS: 50
RE: SOME Turkey Trot 5K Roll-Call!
POSTED: 11/19/12 11:06 AM

I'm going.

pmahler's ravatar pmahler    JOINED: 1/21/12    POSTS: 42
RE: SOME Turkey Trot 5K Roll-Call!
POSTED: 11/20/12 12:03 PM

I'll be there, but I think the only colors I'll be able to fly will be a dc tri visor. But I'm happy to report I've goaded a bunch of friends into their first road race.

mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2217
RE: SOME Turkey Trot 5K Roll-Call!
POSTED: 11/21/12 8:58 AM

The Alexandria Turkey Trot for me. (With a once-a-year bike there on the perilous, but hopefully deserted, Telegraph Road...)

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