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Suck and running & now with a Bakers Cyst
CREATED: 06/14/09 by starcaro REPLIES:
starcaro's ravatar starcaro    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 60
Suck and running & now with a Bakers Cyst
POSTED: 6/14/09 4:53 PM


So I haven't been a very good runner to begin with, but I started to get a hamstring issue that has now been diagnosed as a Bakers Cyst... I went to an orthopedist who gave me a cortisone shot (that didn't go directly to the cyst because its behind tendons so he just wanted to reduce the swelling around to see if it would stop becoming irritated), and rested it for a while (probably like a month now). I just tried to run again today, and in under the mile, it hurt all over again. An ART Therapist at Columbia Tri recommended I try that out because of all the tightness in my hamstring and hips. I am just getting extremely frustrated and wanted to see if anyone on here had any advice. After a running assessment from SSPT, I know weakness in my hips is causing that knee to buckle inwards when I run, so I don't know if that's the cause of the cyst. Someone help me, please!

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