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Multisport Clinic Series
CREATED: 12/30/09 by adilks REPLIES: 1
adilks    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 290
Multisport Clinic Series
POSTED: 12/30/09 2:06 PM

The Bike Rack in conjunction with Georgetown Running Co, VIDA Fitness and presents "A Multisport Clinic Series - The Ultimate Swim/Bike/Run Clinic in DC”

1-Triathlon 101 - overview of the sport of triathlon and how to get started - Saturday, January 16th at 1pm

2- Swim training/Open water and Swim/Bike Transition - Saturday, February 20th at 1pm

3- Bike training for triathlon, bike fitting and how it differs from road cycling - Saturday, March 6th at 1pm

4- How to run faster in triathlon and bike-to-run transition - Saturday, March 13th at 1pm

5-Training for all three sports while still having a life, how to tie it all together - Saturday, April 3rd at 1pm

6- Putting it all together, the final clinic will be an actual sprint triathlon - Saturday, May 15th (time TBA)

The cost for each of the first 5 clinics is $10 and the cost for the final clinic is $25, or $65 if all clinics are purchased as a package.

All clinics (except the sprint triathlon) will be held at VIDA Fitness located at 15th & P, NW.

To sign up please visit, stop by the shop located at 1412 Q St, NW or call us at 202-387-2453.

Please direct any questions to or

lisalisadc's ravatar lisalisadc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 451
RE: Multisport Clinic Series
POSTED: 12/30/09 2:25 PM

Are these hands-on clinics? Great prices. I'd pay $10 just to hang out at Vida.

BTW, I'm writing an article on Triathlon Training Programs for Rookies for the Examiner. [Just in time for January sign-ups!]

If anyone would like to provide any constructive comments (i.e. quotes) on DC Tri NTP, Capital YMCA, Team Z, or Team in Training newbie programs, please contact me. <kildaylisa at yahoo> My latest article here:

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