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Can you catch Stephanie?
CREATED: 02/01/11 by abbyjs REPLIES:
abbyjs's ravatar abbyjs    JOINED: 4/7/09    POSTS: 699
Can you catch Stephanie?
POSTED: 2/01/11 9:49 AM

Chasing Chics Triathlon presented by 3Sports

I got this from Richmond Multisports, since I'm registered for Rockett's Landing (Which you should be too!!). Note how DC Tri Elite Team Member Stephanie Ewert is featured!

REGISTRATION IS OPEN!!!! There is a $10 PRICE BUMP on Feb 16. Ladies, this would make a great Valentine's Day prize for the man in your life.

On Sunday, April 10th @ the Tuckahoe YMCA, a field of 300 lucky men will be chasing 6 elite women for cash! Men, I hope you are ready!!! The following elite females have confirmed their spot:
Andrea Randle
Michelle Harburg
Joanna McCandlish
Jinx Mancini
Renee Kunnen
***Stephanie Ewert****

GO STEPH! Don't let anyone catch you! How much are they paying you???

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