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New to DC Tri
CREATED: 12/30/09 by JustinNunez REPLIES:
JustinNunez    JOINED: 12/30/09    POSTS: 26
New to DC Tri
POSTED: 12/30/09 6:27 PM

Hi Everyone,

I finally took the plunge and joined DC Tri Club after keeping up with the forum and noticing so many DC triathletes at my 2009 races.

I picked up the endurance sport bug last spring and now I'm obsessed. After a few decent races in 2009, 2 Olys and 1 HIM, I decided to commit myself to IM Coeur d'Alene. Is there anyone in the club who is heading out to Idaho for that race as well? I'd love to hear any first hand accounts of the race and possibly meet some people who are on a similar training schedule.

Thanks and I look forward to meeting everyone in the near future at the events.

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