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Ironman seminar
CREATED: 02/18/10 by sbknight REPLIES: 1
sbknight    JOINED: 2/18/10    POSTS: 1
Ironman seminar
POSTED: 2/18/10 11:56 AM

Last fall, DC Tri held an event where about ten athletes got up and spoke at a bar/restaurant in the Cleveland Park area about their experiences with Ironman races and (more importantly) their training programs.

Will you be doing another program like that in the next couple of months?

I know someone who has run several Olympic length races, but doesn't seem to have as intense a program in mind as these persons did in terms of training hours-per-week, diet, coaches, and everything else that factors in

nomisdc's ravatar nomisdc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 621
RE: Ironman seminar
POSTED: 2/18/10 12:36 PM

As social / events coordinator, I'll be organizing that again this year on behalf of the Board and you, our members. Short answer to your question is - no, not anytime soon. We have that once a year around the sep-oct-nov timeframe.
Here is one source of info for your questions:

Another source, of course, are your veteran club members. you can post questions to our forum, ask around at happy hour, or go to training sessions to get questions answered.
The HIP program has a lot of info as well on going long.

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