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2012 Felt B16 - 58cm
CREATED: 07/20/13 by braden REPLIES:
braden's ravatar braden    JOINED: 6/3/13    POSTS: 19
2012 Felt B16 - 58cm
POSTED: 7/20/13 11:59 AM

Hello all, I have a very much loved Felt B16 for sale. I'm running marathons for the next 18 months so I've bought a regular road bike for maintenance and can't afford both. This bike qualified for this year's age group nat'l championship race! (I'm not sure I had much to do with it)

Happy to provide photos by email and of course arrange for you to check it out before anyone obligated themselves.

I'd love to get $1,750 for it, but if you are interested and couldn't possibly afford that, make an offer.



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