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2011 Cervelo P2 54cm like new
CREATED: 01/22/13 by Gato REPLIES:
Gato's ravatar Gato    JOINED: 4/25/11    POSTS: 46
2011 Cervelo P2 54cm like new
POSTED: 1/22/13 12:33 PM

Posting for a friend who is selling his Cevelo P2. He did not use it for training, it was primarily a competition bike. Only 4 olys and a few sprints (Under 200 miles). Here is the link if you would like to see a pic. Some upgrades to the bike include: Beacon Concepts Hydratail Blaze rear hydration system, cat eye cyclocomputer and torhands areo 20 front hydration system with mount. He is asking $2000. His email is macastner at Mike is also selling a like new set of Speedplay stainles zero pedals. Good luck.


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