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Ride to Sunday Training Tri?
CREATED: 08/19/11 by MallowCN83 REPLIES:
MallowCN83's ravatar MallowCN83    JOINED: 1/20/11    POSTS: 59
Ride to Sunday Training Tri?
POSTED: 8/19/11 5:27 PM

I figured this was kind of a stretch since I don't know many people who live up my way, but my truck is stuck in the shop over the weekend and I signed up to do the training triathlon sunday, not anticipating not having a vehicle.

I am in Damascus, MD and don't really have any other way of getting down there on Sunday. If there is anyone at all going this Sunday that lives up this way that would be able to give me (and my bike) a ride that would be awesome.

Feel free to reply here or send me a private message.

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