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Club Deep Creek Trip Coordination
CREATED: 05/12/11 by nomisdc REPLIES: 63
ferguson's ravatar ferguson    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 365
RE: Club Deep Creek Trip Coordination
POSTED: 8/01/11 1:04 PM

A big thanks to Simon for once again stepping up to organize a great event for the club.

Great job Lawrence who, despite a crash and a flat tire in his group, managed to lead many of us from start to finish!

Congrats to all who successfully completed the SavageMan bike course this weekend! It is one of the most challenging courses out there so you should all be very proud of the accomplishment.

What a difference a year makes! Last year Piyush was new to the sport and, if memory serves, DCL was the first time he clipped into road pedals. This year he, along with many others who are relatively new to the sport, are taking on the IronMan. Quite impressive!

Jon got up after a pretty gnarly crash on a mean descent and somehow conjured up the willpower to finish strong... almost as if nothing had happened. A heroic effort!

Good luck to all with the remainder of your 2011 season. I hope to see you all out there at some point swimming, biking, and running!


amacos's ravatar amacos    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 157
RE: Club Deep Creek Trip Coordination
POSTED: 8/01/11 7:46 PM

Hi Guys,

Yes, we definitely can’t thank enough! Simon, Matt and Ihan did an incredible job planning, coordinating and supporting the savage rides this weekend. Thank you for taking such good care of everyone and for making our weekend PERFECT! Can’t wait to more adventures and outings!

Adriana and Matt

merlinkim's ravatar merlinkim    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 303
RE: Club Deep Creek Trip Coordination
POSTED: 8/01/11 8:12 PM

To be clear, I take no credit for the fantastic organization of this year's camp--those cheers go to Simon. Kudos to all who conquered the rides, the late-night rain, and the madness that is I-270 (both there and back). See you all out there! - ihan

nomisdc's ravatar nomisdc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 621
RE: Club Deep Creek Trip Coordination
POSTED: 8/01/11 8:47 PM

Thank you so much for the kind words. That was the most fun I've had on a tri trip - this group was incredible.
We had an injury within our triathlon family, and taking care of folks in times like that is what really matters. Thank you Adam, Dena, Jelena, Trisha, Jen, and Andrea for helping - it shows the kind of compassion and action in time of need that our community is known for.
Lawrence, Ihan, and Matt thanks for the ride leadership. We don't know how you guys do it, sometimes biking those climbs more than once...Matt's crash nonwithstanding...scars are sexy bro. Some vets also helped out on the 56, led the 30 course, and pointed folks to the run around the lake route.
Thanks Andrea for getting us a 30+ person reservation at the Brewery - it was perfect, and magical. We counted 35 people or so and didn't wait 1 minute for the table.
And thanks Matt and Adriana for dinner and for forcing beers in me :) haha

If you don't mind a grizzled vet a soapbox moment - as I mentioned, I'm looking forward to focusing on life's other paths and unless something crazy happens this is my last official coordination for the club. There are many of you out there who are totally fit to lead this club into the future - it's not that hard, you get a crazy resume blurb, and you get to impact so many good people. All you have to do is step up with your talents, and your time (not gonna lie - anyone will tell you it's a time sink). Go for it - volunteer, organize a workout, plan a trip, run for the board - it's worth it.
It has been my honor to serve you - thanks for giving a soldier the gift of service again. There are so many stories and memories over the years since when I joined when we were 125 members to the size we are now. All the details - very huge ups and tear-inducing downs - blend together now in a good feeling. See you around training and events and remember, it's not about the actual tri training, it's about the stories that you create for your friends, your family, and your life.
I've said this to the club before but it's my favorite farewell, an Army Airborne farewell: May there Always be Wind in your Parachute, and Many Happy Landings. All The Way, Airborne.


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