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Patapsco Trails
CREATED: 03/05/12 by snowrider REPLIES:
snowrider    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1
Patapsco Trails
POSTED: 3/05/12 3:12 PM

I know a limited amount of trails off of Landing Road but I'm trying to find some folks that know the larger park trail system at Patapsco. If anybody knows the park and wants to go on Saturday let me know. I have 2 others that will be rolling with me. OR if you don't know the park and just want to tag along with us we can stick to the trails that I know. We'll be leaving from Arlington around 10 or 11. We also plan to go indoor rock climbing afterwards and an 8 mile run when we get back to Arlington from Courthouse/Rosslyn to the airport and back.

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