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Hi there
CREATED: 06/15/09 by briank REPLIES: 1
briank's ravatar briank    JOINED: 6/15/09    POSTS: 15
Hi there
POSTED: 6/15/09 11:45 AM

I just joined and I wanted to briefly introduce myself. My name is Brian. I live in Arlington and I've been training to compete in the Nation's Triathlon since February.

I also write a triathlon training blog that's tracks from progression from a 275lb ex-football player to aspiring triathlete:

I'm always looking for training partners or groups so hopefully I'll get a chance to meet ya'll.


tozamile's ravatar tozamile    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 19
RE: Hi there
POSTED: 6/15/09 12:11 PM


Welcome to the club. While I can't personally comment on making the switch from football to triathlon my coach has a client who was a center for Army and has since finished Ironman Lake Placid in just over 11 hours.

Good luck with the training.

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