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Rev3 Williamsburg Thanks & Congrats!!!
CREATED: 06/25/13 by npleisch REPLIES:
npleisch    JOINED: 4/5/12    POSTS: 144
Rev3 Williamsburg Thanks & Congrats!!!
POSTED: 6/25/13 5:09 PM

First, a big thank you to those that helped with the tent setup and logistics this past weekend. We would not have been able to provide that little bit of a service to the 70+ athletes we had racing on Saturday without you! The giving spirit of our members continues to be the reason this club flourishes. Specifically, Justin and Jan Bauer, Stephanie Brown, Bryan Piacentini, and Ron and Courtney for hauling stuff to and/or from Williamsburg.

Congratulations also to all those who went down to compete. The consensus is that it was one of the more difficult courses any of us have run. EVERYONE saw swim times that made them shake their heads, and the climbing on the run course was no joke. Then when the sun came out before most of the half athletes had even reached the halfway point of the run, it really baked those still out on the course.

We had several athletes place in their division, so big props to you all. And to everyone, it was great to have you down there representing DC Tri! It was a tough day and a tough course, but you represented well! Get some recovery and go dominate your next race.

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