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Jan. 1 ride Hains Pt.
CREATED: 12/31/09 by mosered REPLIES:
mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2218
Jan. 1 ride Hains Pt.
POSTED: 12/31/09 1:55 PM

From Potomac Pedalers; heard some are meeting at 10 am:

ALL(F) * 0-280 * DC * ANYTIME * Potomac Park, Hains Point (HAI)
Circle of Cycles, 26th Edition. This will be the 26th running of a ride debuted in 1982 (when ride-leader phone numbers had only seven digits; when "10 speed" meant total speeds, not just the rear cogs) and then "Revisited" precisely on New Year's Day 1986 with the imagination (or some might say "lack of" :o) then "A" Ride Coordinator, Dick Bendt. Christened "The Most Boring, Nuttiest Century of the East", it became a tradition. But it need be neither a century nor boring, but a fun way meet old & make new friends, to show & share holiday goodies, and to just spin (easy or hard, as desired). Show up when you're good and ready, even at "Dan Time"(!); the ride will be on-going. To borrow from Joni Mitchell, "The cyclists, they go round and round; the cyclists' legs go up'n'down" -- and that's about the size of it as we ride the 3.2mi circuit (and, one can make an excursion into the city), along with the mixing of riders throughout the day. Ride around with ALL types of riders -- slow & chatty, smooth & swift, silly & squirrelly. Look to the Google Groups "Pedalers" or PPTC forums for any late-breaking news & notes re the ride.
Dan Lehman [] 703/241-9113

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