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Free Injury Screenings
CREATED: 01/30/14 by SSPT REPLIES: 2
SSPT    JOINED: 5/28/09    POSTS: 87
Free Injury Screenings
POSTED: 1/30/14 10:45 AM

Do you experience knee pain when you run?
Does your back ache during a long bike ride?
Does your shoulder hurt after a session in the pool?
Do you experience foot pain when walking or running?

If pain, muscle tightness, or even an old lingering injury is hindering your ability to start training for this year's triathlons, take advantage of SSPT’s free injury screenings for DC Tri Club members.

Learn about the cause of your discomfort, what you can do to relieve your pain, and receive technique and training tips to help you train. To learn more and schedule your free injury screening, please contact SSPT at or 202-463-7611.

Free injury screenings are provided by DC Tri Club partner Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy. Our staff of experienced physical therapists includes iron man triathletes, USAT certified triathlon coaches, and athletic trainers. Information on SSPT may be found at

marlyn    JOINED: 1/12/14    POSTS: 30
RE: Free Injury Screenings
POSTED: 4/09/14 11:55 AM

I had an injury screening at SSPT a few weeks ago and it was very helpful. Scheduling was easy, and the PT I saw (Christine) was great. She took my history and listened to my complaint, suggested strengthening exercises, told me things to watch for that might mean I need more intervention, and offered follow-up resources if my problem doesn’t improve. Thank you SSPT and thanks Christine for the great support!

I encourage anyone who’s been wondering about a nagging “thing” to schedule a screening. I’m really glad that I didn’t wait longer.


morunner66's ravatar morunner66    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 728
RE: Free Injury Screenings
POSTED: 4/09/14 1:01 PM

Ditto comment above. Robert Gillanders rocks. He's running Boston next Monday so he knows all about Tri injuries. Also, Eileen Hocking gave me a terrific 1 hour sports massage!

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