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Totally and utterly a newbie.
CREATED: 08/04/09 by cmyung REPLIES:
cmyung    JOINED: 8/4/09    POSTS: 1
Totally and utterly a newbie.
POSTED: 8/04/09 12:56 PM

Hello everyone!

I am a total newbie when it comes to this sport - but I heard that tri's a bit easier on the joints then training for a marathon, thought that I should stop hurting myself eventually and try out a sport that won't keep putting me on the disable list (though I am still plugging along to run the Marine Corp Marathon). Right now all my energy is devoted to making sure that I get across that finish line in October, but I think that I want to do the National Tri next year and have been getting my feet wet with cross training with swimming and biking. I actually found out about this group when I registered to volunteer for the National Tri. So I look forward to meeting everyone and reading through the forums and the massive information ya’ll posted there.

And to the DCMadCow – Go AGGIES!!! Originally from California and now residing in NWDC.


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