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Giant Avail 3 Women's Road Bike (48) - $400
CREATED: 02/02/11 by kellytri REPLIES: 1
kellytri    JOINED: 2/2/11    POSTS: 2
(TAKEN)Giant Avail 3 Women's Road Bike (48) - $400
POSTED: 2/02/11 9:56 AM

I'm selling my 2008 Giant Avail 3 Women-specific road bike. Size XS, which translates into 48cm. I purchased new in March 2008 and have taken good care of it. I replaced the valve stems last fall and got it tuned up last week. Including the water bottle cages and seat bag and original (cage) pedals. Never been wrecked aside from a few minor fall-overs. I also have the owners' manual and other documentation.

This is a great bike--got me through two seasons of triathlon. It's just time to upgrade. I'd keep it, but I don't have room to store another bike. If you're looking to have a basic road bike for recreation or as a newbie triathlete, this is a good economical way to break into cycling. Giant is known for their women-specific engineering.

Specs on the 2010 version of the bike:


The color scheme is a dark turquoise blue, silver and white. I can send a photo of the bike if you're interested.

Please contact Kelly at I live downtown between Chinatown and the Convention Center.

kellytri    JOINED: 2/2/11    POSTS: 2
RE: Giant Avail 3 Women's Road Bike (48) - $400
POSTED: 2/03/11 7:49 AM

The bike has been taken. Thank you!

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