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Skymass Loop ride - Sunday 7/3
CREATED: 07/01/11 by astolz1 REPLIES:
astolz1's ravatar astolz1    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 695
Skymass Loop ride - Sunday 7/3
POSTED: 7/01/11 4:32 PM

Unfortunately, I can’t make the Sat ride but I managed to grab a few people to join me Sunday. I thought I could make a 72 mile ride with just a few miles on the busy road of 340. But found out some of those ‘roads’ become dirt and gravel.
It looks like the typical DC Tri meeting place is
in Front Royal about 1/2 mile from the park entrance. Park in the back and on the side street so we don't take up all their parking but there's plenty of spots. Makes for a fantastic frozen custard, shake, ice cream place reward after the ride (copied from me).
We'll meet there at 8am. They aren't open then but we can go to McD's a couple blocks away for bathrooms.
Route is ~83 miles and can be seen at
Basics: 1st half is Skyline, 2nd is in the Massanutten ridge road, Fort Valley. I think it'll be about 10-15 deg cooler out there compared to DC.
- Elk Wallow wayside @ 24 mi
- 7/11 and/or Subway @ 42 mi
- Fort Valley Country store (market) @ 63 mi (Called and they're open Sundays)
- Spelunkers @ 83 mi ;-)
Post or email me if you're interested.
- Adam

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