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March update from the Board
CREATED: 04/09/12 by rtroll REPLIES:
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March update from the Board
POSTED: 4/09/12 8:02 AM

Hello DC Tri,

The Board of Directors met for its third meeting on 3/12/2012. To view the agenda and approved meeting minutes, please click here>>

The next meeting is scheduled for 4/9/12.

During last month's Board update, we asked members to voice their opinion on the priorities the Board should be focused on during 2012. Over 60 members responded and we took this input into consideration as we finalized our 2012 priorities. The finalized set of priorities can be found on page 28 & 29 here>>

In this month's update, the Board would like to provide a list of notable club accomplishments and milestones for the first quarter (Jan to Mar) of 2012. Please feel free to add to this list if we are missing anything major.

Membership Stats

The club ended the first quarter of 2012 with 1,145 active members, up from 1,093 over the same period in 2011. Of these members, 270 were new to the club.

432 members (of 862) set to expire renewed their account’s, representing a 50% retention rate. 62 members (of 382) set to expire were first time renewers, representing a 16% first time renewal rate.


NTP 2012 class 1 launched and sold out within days, welcoming 150 new triathletes to the program. The program offered 16 clinics between Jan and March and has many more planned for April through June.

The iron-distance programs (HIP and IMP) ended the quarter with 55 total participants (41 in HIP and 14 in IMP). The program completely overhauled it’s communications approach, expanded the leadership team and has already offered 4 clinics.

The Off Season Spring program at Freshbikes - Arlington was a huge success. The program attracted 55 members, had an 85% attendance rate and made two charitable donations in the amount of $750 each to The High Cloud Foundation and ACHIEVE DC.

The Masters program ended it’s debut quarter (Q4, 2011) with a 94% approval rating. The program welcomed 35 members to the winter quarter class, with 15 returning members from 2011. With an average attendance rate of 62% and over 15 people on the wait-list, the program has become one of the most popular in the club.

Training & Racing

The club identified over 65 local, regional and national races for members to participate in during 2012. 5 of these races, as of now, are featured club races for the year where the club will have an amped up presence that you don’t want to miss!

More than 150 members logged 131,880 (weighted) swim, bike run miles in this year’s off season USAT National Challenge Competition (NCC) to claim the coveted over-all championship award

The club completed it’s annual swim meeting, attracting 15 members

The club’s training race series kicked off with a Duathlon and brought out more than 40 members on a chilly, early March day.

The joint venture with the Snapple Triathlon Club, bringing together the fastest athletes from both clubs to form the DC Tri Snapple Team, launched and is off to a strong start.

Multiple teams competed in the Endura Fit Team Challenge at the 2012 Multisport Expo in Washington, DC. Team’s include a “newbie” team featuring 12 of our NTP athletes from the 2012 class, a club presidents team featuring the current and past DC Tri Club presidents, a club team featuring many familiar members and our very own DC Tri Snapple racing team.

The club’s Training Ambassadors program got off to a strong start during Q1, offering over 12 organized weekly workouts from 10 volunteer training ambassador members.

The club’s MoCo training group has become one of our most active groups in the club with over 100 members participating in dozens of activities and events hosted by MoCo group leaders.

Partnerships & Outreach

2012 is off to a great start with club’s partnerships being stronger than ever! In Q1, the Board introduced a “tiered management approach” to provide incentive/motivation for partners to grow with our club rather than come and go with the times

Communications, Marketing & Expos

The club delivered 12 weekly enewsletters, 11 NTP enewsletters, 5 HIP/IM enewsletters, and 10 masters program newsletters providing members with up-to-date information on club events, activities and news.

The club eclipsed 1,000 “Likes” on Facebook and now has 1,122 fans.

The club had a huge presence at the 2012 Multisport Expo, providing over 45 volunteer, setting up the club tent, selling gear and representing DC Tri Club.

The club was featured in the ITU San Diego Newsletter and the Examiner’s Triathlon team spotlight.


Members enjoyed 12 happy hour & social events between January and April which included 3 club-wide, 6 regional, 1 LGBT & Friends and 2 program happy hours.

Through the club’s partnership with SSPT, members had the chance to attend a clinic to learn how to improve their weakest sport during the off-season.


An initial refresh of site functionality launched which included a new look and feel to the home page.

The Board began its effort to enhance the site’s overall effectiveness. Outreach to members and club leaders began in Q1 in order to develop a “wish-list” of features and capabilities for the site.

As always, we'll continue to use this Forum as a means to provide updates on the work we do, the accomplishments our club is making and provide you with an opportunity to voice your ideas, concerns, etc with the direction we are taking the club.

Thank you and happy training!

President, DC Tri Club

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