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Weds June 12: Tenley Track Cohort Does Zoo Repeats & Zoo Bar!
CREATED: 06/05/13 by hppeabody REPLIES:
hppeabody's ravatar hppeabody    JOINED: 9/17/09    POSTS: 193
Weds June 12: Tenley Track Cohort Does Zoo Repeats & Zoo Bar!
POSTED: 6/05/13 9:39 PM


The Wednesday Night Tenley Track Workout contingency is moving its once monthly hill repeat workout to the Calvert/Zoo area. Its been a couple of years since we did this, but always a nice mix up from our usual half mile long really steep Brandywine hill, and we get to see Zoo animals.

If you're on the track workout distro, I'll send a reminder this week, but head's up for anywone else interested as well.

6:30 pm we will meet at the entrance to the Zoo, at Conn ave. (not the parking lot at the bottom). Parking is a pain in the butt in that area, so plan ahead to drive in circles. The Woodley park metro is just down the hill a quarter mile or theres a bike share station right at the zoo. If you arrive right at 6:30, street parking opens up right on Conn ave. We'll take off at about 6:35 to give a few minutes for those stragglers. Bring a waterbottle with you that you can run with for a mile or so. If you have any valuables, you can put that stuff in someone's car if you don't have your own and need to store some stuff.

We'll warm up together by running down through the zoo, taking a right when we hit the park, then continuing on to the calvert street hill (calvert and conn ave). There we'll do some plyos on the grass, then spend about 40 minutes running the hill; you run your own pace, and I'll tell you when its been 40 mins. You can run on grass or the bike path; I think from the very bottom to top its maybe a quarter mile.

After we'll jog up conn ave. to the zoo entrance and have drinks/dinner at Zoo Bar. The bartender is already expecting us and bringing in extra help to feed you guys beer and greasy food. They take cash or cards, but it might be easier with all our checks if you make a point to bring some cash.

So just to clarify for the track regulars: Do not go to tenleytown. You will be by yourself, and you won't get to see any panda bears or monkeys or whatever the heck animals they have at the zoo.



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