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Opinion on various hydration systems
CREATED: 11/26/13 by ptorresb REPLIES: 5
ptorresb's ravatar ptorresb    JOINED: 4/11/13    POSTS: 217
Opinion on various hydration systems
POSTED: 11/26/13 9:40 PM

Is any one of these products superior?

XLAB Torpedo System 100:
Nathan's AP Pro Aerobar Bottle:
Profile Design Aero HC System:

By the way is the XLAB Torpedo System 100 a hands-free system, or does one have to release the straw from the holding clip to drink and then tuck it back in?

Thanks for the advice -- Pablo

wbdowntown's ravatar wbdowntown    JOINED: 3/28/12    POSTS: 131
RE: Opinion on various hydration systems
POSTED: 11/27/13 8:31 AM

Haven't used the XLAB system or Nathan. For the profile system I didn't like the computer mount which sits too far back to actually see the computer with any ease while riding and being confined to one size of bottle up front.

My prefered set up is the SpeedFill A2 and the SpeedFill Z4+ bottle cage. The Speedfill A2 can be attached to any specialized bottle of any size (16-22oz) for any race. It can even be attached to the green 32oz gatorade bottles for over 32oz of hydration at the ready should you desire. The Z4+ cage can be mounted anywhere on your areo bars you can get a zip tie to for a completely customized setup.


Gizmo's ravatar Gizmo    JOINED: 10/19/13    POSTS: 44
RE: Opinion on various hydration systems
POSTED: 11/27/13 8:33 AM

Speedfill is the one I use. I had many others but I had problems with them.

dsgrunning's ravatar dsgrunning    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1481
RE: Opinion on various hydration systems
POSTED: 11/27/13 10:45 AM

I have the Profile Design one. I race the bike with a Garmin on my wrist. I don't use a bike computer, so the bike computer issue that Will has does not apply to me :)

What I like about it is that there is zero spillage. The straw is a normal straw vs a bite straw. I hate drinking from a bite straw (i.e., Camelback type straw). I like the fact that the straw is always in my face. It's a constant reminder to take in nutrition during the course of an IM.

The X-lab system has a straw that you have to physical bring up or take down. It's better aerodynamically than the fixed straw system of PD. It has a bite straw, so if you are not a fan of that, it may not be the right one for you. You can leave the straw in the up position, but I've read that it moves around a lot because it's a "soft" straw vs the hard straw that the PD has.

If your aerobars are close enough together, like mine is, you can bypass the Profile Design mounting system. It will reduce the price by 50%, if you just buy the bottle/straw without the mount. You can hold the bottle in place, to the aerobars, with two rubberbands without any issues. I did that during my training rides as well as my IM. Zero issues of any kind with the rubberbands system :)


pmart15's ravatar pmart15    JOINED: 12/14/09    POSTS: 149
RE: Opinion on various hydration systems
POSTED: 11/27/13 11:15 AM

I have the Xlab 100 system on my xmas list. I like that the computer is up front, ahead of the bottle. As for the straw, you don't have to re-tuck it in, you can just let it hang. But I suspect that tucking it back in is easy enough one-handed.

You could always add a piece of velcro on the bottle and straw as a quick way to secure it again.

Gizmo's ravatar Gizmo    JOINED: 10/19/13    POSTS: 44
RE: Opinion on various hydration systems
POSTED: 11/27/13 12:02 PM

As far as the bite straw I don't like that either I just removed that piece.

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