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Lava Xterra pants for pool use -chlorine resistant
CREATED: 08/19/13 by murdaneta REPLIES:
murdaneta's ravatar murdaneta    JOINED: 7/26/12    POSTS: 11
Lava Xterra pants for pool use -chlorine resistant
POSTED: 8/19/13 12:36 PM


Note:I am not endorsing this thing in any way. I asked Xterra a question and I got an answer worth sharing.

I asked Xterra about the resistance of their new Lava pants to chlorine, since neoprene gets damaged by the chlorine in pool water. The pants are supposed to float like a wetsuit, and they are for pool as well as for OWS use. Here's their reply:

"The rubber we use for the LAVA Pants is not neoprene, it's actually a material called chloroprene. We use it mainly because people who have a latex allergy, can use chlorprene, versus neoprene. However, we are finding that it is much more resistant to chlorine than neoprene. Also, we use a hydrophobic coating on our LAVA Pants, that repels water, and helps protect it from the Chlorine.

Finally, the best thing that you can do to extend the life of your LAVA Pants, is simply by rinsing/flushing them out with fresh water after each use.

As far as product life under regular pool use- we aren't 100% sure to be honest. It's a brand new product, and we haven't tested it out to failure quite yet. The suit does have a 2 year warranty on it, so if it gets destroyed by chlorine within those 2 years, we will replace it for you."

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