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Tri Shoe Recommendations
CREATED: 02/19/14 by cclark1025 REPLIES: 6
cclark1025's ravatar cclark1025    JOINED: 3/12/12    POSTS: 43
Tri Shoe Recommendations
POSTED: 2/19/14 9:06 AM

I've been using the same pair of busted cycling shoes since 2008, and it's time to upgrade.

I'm clearly out of the loop on what's good in shoes, so any recommendations would be appreciated.

I have pretty small/narrow feet for someone of my size (likely why I'm injured), but would be happy to hear all thoughts!

tgalbert's ravatar tgalbert    JOINED: 9/30/10    POSTS: 405
RE: Tri Shoe Recommendations
POSTED: 2/19/14 9:48 AM

I definitely advise trying on many pairs, as while one shoe works for one person it may not work for another.

Specialized does a pretty good job and fits narrow feet well, and a number of our partner stores nearby carry them. The Tri Expert shoe they make is simple and affordable - I've used that pair for the last few seasons and it's been solid.

LG will be doing some great sales on Thursday at our Member Meeting at Rev Cycles in Clarendon, so come try on some pairs there.

kmwpro's ravatar kmwpro    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 315
RE: Tri Shoe Recommendations
POSTED: 2/19/14 10:08 AM

I have small/narrow feet myself and have destroyed one pair of the Specialized Tri shoe and am on to my next pair. It took several years and thousands of miles, don't worry, they are great shoes. :)

I may have actually gotten a new pair that are one size too small if you happen to be the same size you are welcome to try these and see if you like them. (They are size 38 / 7.5) I got them pretty cheap.

chucifer    JOINED: 3/14/13    POSTS: 6
RE: Tri Shoe Recommendations
POSTED: 2/19/14 11:15 AM

I'll echo Trevor's point about trying different pairs as feet are unique.

However, one sticking point for me was that the straps had to fasten outwards so that if for whatever reason I wouldn't be fiddling with straps near my gears or other moving parts.

In that regard, Specialized fit the bill for me.

karlaj's ravatar karlaj    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 215
RE: Tri Shoe Recommendations
POSTED: 2/19/14 1:22 PM

Another +1 on try out several. Sizes and widths definitely aren't standardized. I've used Pearl Izumi and Shimano, both have worked out pretty well. Also considered the Specialized and Bontrager brands. Louis Garneau and Giro also make good stuff.
I personally don't find the carbon-everything lighter-than-helium models to be worth the added cost, and have stuck to the basics without any ill effects.


morunner66's ravatar morunner66    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 728
RE: Tri Shoe Recommendations
POSTED: 2/19/14 2:04 PM

I got my cycling shoes off of Zappos (forget the brand at this Senior Moment, but not an "off" brand) - who knew they sold Tri bike shoes - I had to upsize after a couple summers cycling bc my feet swell alot in the DC humidity. Give yourself some room in your shoes.

rojojade's ravatar rojojade    JOINED: 1/19/11    POSTS: 458
RE: Tri Shoe Recommendations
POSTED: 2/20/14 9:03 AM

I swear by Sidi's. Love them.

But echo'ing what everyone else has been saying - try on lots of shoes to find your special pair.

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