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Assateague Sprint Participants
CREATED: 06/16/09 by ppgodes REPLIES:
ppgodes's ravatar ppgodes    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 83
Assateague Sprint Participants
POSTED: 6/16/09 5:20 PM

Anyone doing the Assageague Sprint Tri this Sunday in Berlin, about 10 miles south of Ocean City?

I'm signed up, and Becky, new Half-Ironwoman Extraordinnaire, is going to be my "pit crew." Well, she's bringing a cowbell for cheering.

We'll probably get to the OC Convention Center around 10am on Saturday for race packet pick-up, and was thinking of doing a pre-lim swim, if we could get away with it.

I have a place in Crisfield and a 3rd bedroom (about 45 miles southwest of Berlin), if someone doesn't want to make that drive across the Bay Bridge so early, or would rather stay with some DC-Tri peeps.

Even if you don't need a place, let us know if you'll be there so Becky can ring her cowbell for you!


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