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NTPers doing Lake Anna OWS/Ride & Dextro ITU Tri
CREATED: 06/16/09 by dewiyu REPLIES: 4
dewiyu    JOINED: 3/2/09    POSTS: 8
NTPers doing Lake Anna OWS/Ride & Dextro ITU Tri
POSTED: 6/16/09 5:23 PM

Hey fellow NTPers!

For those of us also doing the Dextro Tri on Sun, what's your plan for Sat since we need to do the race briefing/packet pickup/bike racking that day? There's a practice swim from 1-4pm that I was considering just to get a feel of swimming in the Potomac and transition, but this requires the packet pickup beforehand.

I would like to do the ride following the OWS, but worried about recovery for the next morning, especially if doing the practice swim. Anyone also planning on going directly from the OWS to the packet pickup? Since Lake Anna is a two hour drive away, I wasn't sure if we would finish in time to make it back & squeeze in everything. Unfortunately, I need to be back in Rockville from everything by 4pm. Doable?


nomisdc's ravatar nomisdc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 621
RE: NTPers doing Lake Anna OWS/Ride &Dextro
POSTED: 6/16/09 10:25 PM

Volunteering with you guys on Sat then racing Sun. Going directly from Lake Anna to packet pickup and bike rack. Not planning on the practice swim. Plan? Drive fast? Not sure how this will quite work out.
If you do the OWS and ride, you will be pretty wooped on Sunday - Not sure if you guys went over A, B, and C level races, but if this was an A race, you would skip the Lake Anna stuff and taper. If not, it's a B/C race, and you should adjust your expectations.
I woul
Not sure how you'd do the OWS, ride, packet pickup, bike rack, And Potomac swim, And be back in Rockville by 4...Maybe skip the BBQ.

trisha's ravatar trisha    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 133
RE: NTPers doing Lake Anna OWS/Ride & Dextro ITU Tri
POSTED: 6/17/09 11:16 AM

I think my plan is:
- head up for the OWS (practice in Lake Anna instead of the potomac)
- lounge around during the bike to avoid being overly tired the next day
- BBQ, yum
- straight back to safety briefing/packet pickup
- retrieve and rack my bike

You can rack your bike until 8PM if I remember correctly, but safety briefings end at 6ish. As for being in Rockville by 4....I would guess leave Lake Anna around noon?

skelly99's ravatar skelly99    JOINED: 3/1/09    POSTS: 37
RE: NTPers doing Lake Anna OWS/Ride & Dextro ITU Tri
POSTED: 6/17/09 11:43 AM

I'm planning to do the Lake Anna swim and skip the ride. I think I'm ok with missing out on the Potomac for swim practice as long as I can get in the NTP swim in on Sat.

The last safety briefing is at 6:30p I believe.

dewiyu    JOINED: 3/2/09    POSTS: 8
RE: NTPers doing Lake Anna OWS/Ride & Dextro ITU Tri
POSTED: 6/19/09 8:56 PM

Thanks for the input!

This is definitely a B/C race for me so I'm going to do the OWS, but pass on the ride. Like Trisha, I'll rest while the others are biking and join in on some of the BBQ goodness. Afterwards, off to the packet pickup & bike racking.

See everyone tomorrow bright and early!

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