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New face
CREATED: 02/03/11 by Truelifestyle REPLIES: 2
Truelifestyle's ravatar Truelifestyle    JOINED: 1/22/11    POSTS: 2
New face
POSTED: 2/03/11 8:42 AM

My names Jared, I'm new to the whole tri scene. I've done all three at seperate times and have always been an avid runner but never thrown them together. I'm hoping to compete in a handful of races this year. I'm originally from Oregon but now located around the Eastern Market area. I'm look forward to meeting new faces and possibly finding some training advice if not partners round the area.

tgalbert's ravatar tgalbert    JOINED: 9/30/10    POSTS: 405
RE: New face
POSTED: 2/03/11 11:18 AM

Welcome! Stop by the regional happy hours this afternoon (3 Feb) at 6:30:
Hamilton's Bar & Grill in DC (233 2nd St NW), Ireland's Four Courts in Arlington (2051 Wilson Blvd), or Rock Bottom Brewery in Bethesda (7900 Norfolk Ave).

The next club-wide happy hour on Thursday, February 17th at McFaddens (Foggy Bottom area).

Or volunteer at events and you'll be able to meet folks. Everyone has been very supportive.

just my 2 deutschmarks...


amacos's ravatar amacos    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 157
RE: New face
POSTED: 2/03/11 1:04 PM

Hi Jared,

Welcome to the club! We hope to see you tonight at the Regional HHs. If you can't make it tonight, we will have a club wide HH on the 17th where you will meet plenty of fun people with tons of Tri experience. Also, if you are free on the 13, 19 or 27th, please send me an e-mail. There are some organized fun runs and a super spinathon on the 27th. You can also check the weekly training calendar on the site!

Welcome to the club!



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