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Patriots Half Iron
CREATED: 09/07/10 by anthonyacook REPLIES: 1
anthonyacook's ravatar anthonyacook    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 28
Patriots Half Iron
POSTED: 9/07/10 9:01 AM

Anyone else going to Williamsburg this weekend for the Patriots Half?

Does anyone have intel on the bike course? The description says flat but was wondering if anyone has additional information who has done the race previously.



wombat's ravatar wombat    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 269
RE: Patriots Half Iron
POSTED: 9/07/10 10:02 AM

I did Patriots last year and posted my impressions of the bike course. Below is the link to the forum posting with my impressions of the Patriots course. Keep in mind I've improved since I wrote this but the basics will still apply.

wombat JOINED: 2/28/09 POSTS: 220

RE: Patriots Course Ride - Sunday 9/6
POSTED: 9/08/09 1:29 PM

I rode the course on Sunday with Attiya, Shelly and Otis. Here are my impressions. Most of the course is on 2 lane highway, no shoulder, significant (several inches) drop-off. There's a running/bike path which parallels Rt 5 east of the bridge so be aware of others using the trail on race day. The trail crosses Rt.5 and someone may suddenly appear in the road.

I made a cue sheet using the mile markers on google maps and eyeballing/guestimating distances. So all the distances are approximated - take with a grain of salt.

0.0 Straight on Jamestown Road

1.0 L on Greensprings (occurs immediately after the Jamestown Visitors Center)

3.1 L on Rt 5/John Taylor Highway (most of this road is 2 lane highway, no shoulder. Shaded.)

7.0 X water/bridge (Pedestrian/bike trail crosses road before bridge so be aware of traffic. There's construction on the bridge - watch out for debris and don't ride too close to the right - I saw nails. Also, bridge has joint/expanders so watch out)

11.2 R on Wilcox Neck (there's a white with green trim abandoned shop at intersection. Also this is where road starts getting bumpy/lots of road vibration!)

15.0 water bottle hand-off

16.5 L on The Glebe (not a true left turn. Rather Wilcox Neck just fades into Glebe. I didn't notice it except I was reading a sign for Blue Heron restaurant and noticed street sign/name had changed. Begin lots of fields -- soybean, corn, some cotton. No shade, boring ride.)

24.0 R on Ruthville. (Begin to see some signs of civilization before this right turn.)

25.9 L on Courthouse (Ruthville dead-ends into Courthouse and you can only turn left or right. Finally start getting some shade again.)

28.1 R on South Lott Carey. (There's a little historical sign/placard explaining why South Lott Carey is relevant. Shaded ride, some small rollers.)

30.0 water bottle hand-off

30.9 L on Adkins (Conveniece store at intersection. Riding down Adkins beware of reeds/plants along side of road which grow out and may whack you in the face)

35.4 L on Route 5/John Taylor Highway. (Boring stretch. Ready to get off bike and run. Slight uphill but no shifting required. Watch out for cars zipping around you, then slamming on brakes and turning right into gas station. I missed an idiot by 12 inches who did that to me. Trees again line road, shaded.)

44.0 water bottle hand-off

50.4 X water/bridge. (Again watch out for construction debris, bridge joints, pedestration/bike path traffic crossing road after the bridge)

55.2 R on Greensprings (watch out for trail users - don't run into them while turning. Sunny, no shoulder)

57.2 R on Jamestown

asovonick JOINED: 6/3/09 POSTS: 42

RE: Patriots Course Ride - Sunday 9/6
POSTED: 9/08/09 2:43 PM

Fantastic, thank you for the scouting report! I'm doing the International, so the turnaround is a little bit after the turn onto Wilcox Neck. Is the highway pretty flat?

wombat JOINED: 2/28/09 POSTS: 220

RE: Patriots Course Ride - Sunday 9/6
POSTED: 9/08/09 2:51 PM

Rt. 5/John Taylor Highway is virtually flat. Slight downhill on out, slight uphill back. You won't need to shift your gears - it's only noticeable if you are very, very tired. My biggest battle on the ride was boredom -- not a lot to look at and if you're slow like me, it makes the hours drag on and on.

Most of the road surfaces are good, but Wilcox Neck is terrible. Literally a ball buster. Be prepared.

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