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Suunto T6 HRM
CREATED: 03/25/12 by alhanson REPLIES: 1
alhanson    JOINED: 1/26/12    POSTS: 20
Suunto T6 HRM
POSTED: 3/25/12 1:00 PM

Selling my Suunto T6. It is about 3 years old and works great. I don't have the original box but do have all the parts and bits including the program CD (program is also online at Asking $60 for it. The reason for the low asking price is I use to moonlight at a shop and picked it up for 60% under wholesale on a pro deal. Just want someone to get some use out of it and I have a different system now.

I don't currently have pictures of it but this is the same model

also as lagniappe, I am throwing in the book Heart Rate Training by Roy Benson and Declan Connolly. (ISBN-13: 978-0-7360-8655-4)

alhanson    JOINED: 1/26/12    POSTS: 20
RE: Suunto T6 HRM
POSTED: 3/26/12 8:30 AM

SOLD! Thanks!

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