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Children's Day Triathlon! Please help!
CREATED: 03/21/14 by Tooch REPLIES:
Tooch    JOINED: 6/20/13    POSTS: 7
Children's Day Triathlon! Register your children!
POSTED: 3/21/14 8:08 AM

Hey everyone!

We'd really love your help spreading the word about a children's triathlon we're putting on for National Institutes of Health and YMCA charities that benefit youths.

Please let people know about this awesome opportunity to introduce their children to triathlon and help raise money for a great cause!

Visit our website at:

Or like us on Facebook:

If links don't work, please paste them into your browser.

We'd really appreciate any registrations you can help us get, donations, etc!

Feel free to email us at

Thank you!

John Martucci and Sam Miner

If you'd like a flyer or would like your business to be a sponsor, don't hesitate to contact us!

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